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January 4, 2018
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Pond Clear 150g


Pond Clear is a water soluble, powder concentrate algaecide for the control of a broad spectrum of green and blue-green algae in fish ponds and fountains.

Handle with care. Poisonous when absorbed through the skin or swallowed or inhaled. Store in a cool place. Store away from food, feeds, seed, other agricultural chemicals and out of reach of children.

Active ingredients: 2, 4-D sodium salt (phenoxy compound) 20,8 g/kg, Diuron 10,64 g/kg, Ametryn 6,4 g/kg

Do not inhale dust. Wash with soap and water immediately after accidental skin contact. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst mixing and applying or before washing hands and face and change of clothing. Avoid splashing the concentrate onto susceptible plants such as flower plants and shrubs as well as lawns, streams, dams and any other areas not under treatment. The concentrate is carried downwards into the soil by water and should therefore not be used near shrubs, trees or flowering plants. Destroy empty container and never use for any other purpose. Prevent contamination of food, feeds, drink water and eating utensils.

Pond Clear 150g