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Seachem MatrixCarbon 250ml


High efficiency spherical carbon
Very little impact on pH due to low ash content
Lowest leachable phosphate level on market
High removal capacity; large surface area

MatrixCarbon is a truly unique activated carbon
It is formed as a spherical bead for optimum hydrodynamics, and will not pack
It permits maximum water flow and contact with its high density of macroporous binding sites
MatrixCarbon has a very low ash content as indicated by its minimal impact on pH
Even when added to distilled water, it does not raise pH above 7
While all carbons contain phosphate, regardless of false claims to the contrary, MatrixCarbon has the lowest detectable leachable phosphate content of all major carbon brands tested
MatrixCarbon outperforms other high grade carbons by at least two-fold when compared for total capacity to remove aquarium organic matter, rate of adsorption, and duration of use
While carbon is generally considered to be a chemical filter, that is not precisely true
It is in fact a mechanical filter as well, but it is only capable of mechanically filtering objects of molecular size
It functions through extremely small cracks and crevices, called macropores and micropores
Microporous carbons remove primarily metals and smaller ions (like trace minerals) and are best suited to air filtration, while macroporous carbons remove primarily larger organic molecules (like nitrogenous waste) and are best suited to water filtration
The ingredients from which a carbon is manufactured determine whether it will be macro- or microporous
Carbons made from coconut shell and other organic products form microporous carbons, while carbons made from bituminous coal form macroporous carbons
MatrixCarbon is a bituminous coal-based, macroporous carbon
It is the only spherical carbon on the market, allowing for maximum water flow
It is sized to allow full penetration by water, but not small enough to escape filter bags
All carbons contain phosphate
However, that phosphate DOES NOT come from washing the carbon with phosphoric acid
Most carbons are washed with sulfuric acid
The phosphate is contained in the ash from the carbon source
The main purpose of acid-washing is to remove ash
Because of MatrixCarbon

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Seachem MatrixCarbon 250ml