Enerdog Adult Dog Food 40kg
December 9, 2017
Supreme Pet Maintenance Adult 25kg
December 9, 2017
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Supreme Pet Maintenance Adult 40kg


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Supreme Pet Maintenance Adult 40kg

Comes in roast beef flavour
•Maintains condition and health
•All the necessary vitamins and minerals
•No artificial colorants & flavourants
•No preservatives
•Contains healthy oils for health shiny coat
•18% Protein
•Complete & Balanced

Additional Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Healthy Oils
Oil for health glossy coats

Linoleic Acid
Assists in weight control from puppy to adult stage

Fat Soluble Vitamins
Vitamins A&D aid the metabolic process, support bone and cell growth. Vitamin E improves the immune system

Water Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin B assists in the functioning of the nerve and muscle tissue, aids growth, and reduces heart and liver damage.

This stabilises the nutrients and vitamins in the dog food and improves the absorption of nutrients into the blood stream.

Trace Minerals
Iron is essential ins assisting in the metabolic process. Copper aids bone development. Zinc boosts the immune system.

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Weight 40 kg

Supreme Pet Maintenance Adult 40kg